The Phantom of the Opera was originally a novel by Gaston Leroux.

I knew the Musical wasn’t the first telling of this story, but it irked me that I didn’t know the original medium, or who the author was.

Made cheeseburgers and scrambled eggs for dinner. :9

Turned out really well, nailed the time in the pan for the patties, and luckily had pickles, so having forgot to buy lettuce didn’t hurt much.

Thanks for letting me know that Windows S is actually just a switch. From the warnings “WSL not supported on Windows S” and Surface Laptop coming with Windows S, I thought it was a separate purchase…

The one thing that bad Apple support experience recently has done is turn that nascent “I should have alternatives in case Apple goes down the drain” feeling into an active desire to explore Windows as my main day-to-day system.

Also, could one upgrade an MS Surface Laptop to “proper” Windows 10 so I could run Windows Subsystem for Linux?

I didn’t see upgrade pricing from Windows S to Windows 10 Home or so.

I wish I was more knowledgeable about the current generation of hardware buzzwords and which I’d need for Overwatch/AC:Odyssey/STO/SWTOR/Subnautica.

Also, Amazon reviews for the Asus ZenBook look not too good. Mentions of noises from coils, fan sounds…

Went virtual “window shopping” for a Windows ultrabook that also doubles for gaming and and Jekyll and stuff I do.

Surface Laptop looks OK (But Windows S, so no WSL), though GPU on low end, MSI PS42 looks interesting, as does Asus ZenBook.

Is a mobile GTX 1050 any good?

I just got another Brazilian e-mail.

The “my e-mail address on a fucking stranger’s Apple ID” saga is far from over… -_-

Where do I set the intensity of the Apple Watch’s “stand up” warnings again? I always miss them because they’re just a tap on the wrist. Didn’t see a section in, and nothing in Health either.

Fun fact: std::unique_ptr sets itself to NULL first, then calls the destructor (std::shared_ptr prolly too). This make sense, you don’t want pointers to a partially-destructed object hanging around, but bears mentioning if you’re trying to do something complex in the destructor.

C++ destructors have a split soul: RAII objects whose constructor ensures an important operation happens no matter how you leave a scope. All others, which shouldn’t do much more than clean up memory, lest they trigger external references to themselves while half-destructed.

Found my Github upload bug: I had a bug in the regex that was extracting the upload URL from the JSON and uploaded to a truncated URL.

Is there a command line tool for extracting key-values from JSON data included with macOS X?

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I suddenly was no longer permitted to eat certain kinds of food anymore.

I’d be sad about all of them (I love good food), but I just realized that not being able to drink orange juice would be the one thing that would devastate me.

Important Touch Bar trick:

You can just touch down on the initial volume/brightness buttons and start sliding.

You don’t have to tap and wait for the brightness/volume sliders to appear.

You don’t have to actually be over the slider, it’ll move relative to your finger.

Apple’s hotline is horrible. I got the number from the store, and the phone menu then re-directed me back to the web site (which had directed me to the phone number before).

This time I just kept pressing random numbers at the web site message until I finally got a human.

OK, just got out of the queue. They sent a code to the e-mail address involved, I read it out over the phone, and they promised that they’d take care of “detaching the e-mail from the Apple ID”.

Let’s hope that works out.

I never added my e-mail address to that Apple ID, by the way, I just started getting order confirmations and stuff on an address that I wasn’t using with Apple.

Don’t tell me you can’t do anything before you check whether there’s a procedure.

On phone with Apple support to get my e-mail removed from someone else’s Apple ID.

“We can’t do anything, it’s not your Apple ID!”

Gee whiz, but it is my e-mail address! Now back in the queue waiting…

Bonus points if those git repository-backed tools are lightweight and easy to install on a Mac without pulling in lots of gems or homebrew packages or upgrades or extra installs of system OpenSSL or Ruby.

Any recommendations for apps/tools whose data eventually ends up in a git repository?

Thinking bookmark managers that maybe generate an HTML home page for your browser, or docbook editors or so?

“And the moral of the story is that bands with no talent can easily entertain morons with a stupid puppet show.”

TIL that macOS comes with the XML parser xmllint and textutil for converting HTML to text for use in your shell scripts.