If CLion suddenly doesn’t show the CMake tab anymore for your project (it’s not even in the menus anymore), close it, then re-open it by choosing “Open” and choosing the CMakeLists.txt file (not the directory) to get that back. 🤷‍♀️

Falls irgendwer von Euch mit mir in den nächsten Wochen Captain Marvel in München schauen gehen will und nicht gerade eine E-Mail zu einem Doodle bekommen hat, schnell bescheid sagen.

Just looked at the original iPhone’s “incoming call” screen, and I gotta say, the current one is much better.

While I prefer Skeuo-UI in general, the move away from Skeuo got rid of several unnecessary “windows” and just made it “full screen”.

If you want to understand the fascination of Bill Bixby, look at Hugh Jackman.

They are similar in many ways, people who can play a strong person but always exhibit a vulnerability that makes you emphathize with them.

What bug makes both YouTube and Twitch show what are basically ten-minute tutorials and short films before the clips/streams you actually want to watch? Does nobody at those companies have an inkling of the relationship between content and ads?

(Or heck, anyone just have a working script to extract files with history from a repository, I really don’t have the nerve to debug bash scripts right now)

Today I was introduced to an amazing song called “Everyone’s a wally”. Bungled construction job, that’s all I understood. The word “nerd” also shows up, but I don’t know why. XD


Is this a bug on my computer, or does the mute button in the Spotlight preview for movies in Finder take forever to actually toggle for anyone else? I tend to wait ~ 2 seconds after the click.

Short reminder: The US had the DST change last weekend!

Until Europe switches to DST at the end of the month, make sure you apply the right time difference and double-check any times in your time zone that someone from the other side of the pond gives you.

The mention of “SQL injections” on Star Trek Discovery took me right out of the episode. That would be janky, ancient technology by that time, and is an embarrassing exploit to have.

Accidentally triggering “cancel” on the touch bar and aborting a large rebase close to the end by accident is really not fun. Pressure sensitivity on the touch bar! That’s all I’m asking, Apple!

English thing that I still have to learn: Be more careful about when I use “you” to talk generally, because it can be misunderstood as an insinuation too easily. Sometimes I realize and correct myself, but gosh language is hard.

I love that CLion’s Git merge UI understands the idea of wanting to pick which of two conflicting chunks to insert in the file first (like, when two functions were added to the same spot in a file, and you want both, in a particular order).

My favorite two episodes of Dr. Who are Blink and Heaven Sent. Just such amazing little pieces of story, and you can show them to anyone without much explanation.

Ruby’s JSON parser error messages are a bit weird. You get error messages for the parser, not for the JSON file.

Doesn’t Ruby provide a way to override these error message locations?

Oh. Ha-ha! When you print output to the console in Visual Studio, it opens a Terminal behind the Visual Studio window and prints your output there. So it does the right thing, you just can’t see it, and the “Output” pane of Visual Studio itself doesn’t show anything XD

Huh. That Intel hologram was made of glitter. It all came apart on my cleaning cloth when I peeled it off my pristine laptop handrests.